Fee Policy for Sellers 


Believe it or not - we do not charge fees from our sellers. 


CooKx vision is to help people to fulfill their dreams and desires by nourishing each other with nonindustrial food, fresh ingredients and home cooking food on the table, by providing a platform helping to connect between hungry people and talented CooKx.


We do so by empowering local Home CooKs, Home Bakers, Home Restaurants, Chefs, Commercial Kitchens, and Catering companies as small and medium business, to fulfill their love and passion for cooking without opening restaurant, taking a financial risks, loans, remodeling, employees, o work from home, NO BOSS, and on their schedule.


What you get as a seller at CooKx:


Excellent Value -selling on CooKx is free

· 0% fee for listings

· 0% fee for transactions


Simple and Powerful Tools 

· Create your store in minutes

· Manage your business from anywhere

· Manage orders, add and edit listings, respond to costumers instantly from anywhere

· Spend less time managing and more time on cooking


Reach your business targets  

· get your brand out there in front of new customers

· build your brand with powerful marketing tools

· boost your Visibility

· attract new customers

· create sale or coupon to catch new costumers


You will cook

CooKx will do the rest


Start selling today. Open your store now

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this privacy statement or our privacy practices, please contact us at support@cookxapp.com or CooKs Technologies Inc., 101 S Santa Cruz Ave., PO Box#3, Los Gatos, CA 95031