Who are we?  

CooKx provides a new alternative way of ordering food delivery.

CooKx helps hungry people to nourish themselves and their loved one with the best high-quality food in their area.

We do so by empowering local Home-Cooks, Home-Bakers, Chefs, Commercial Kitchens, and Catering companies as small and medium businesses to fulfill their love and passion for cooking and to generate new ways for food deliveries and new possibilities for people to nourish each other.


Our story starts as we started as home cooks ourselves.
We've operated our small home cooking business from home and built our platform, based on our needs as home Cook.


Now, we are sharing CooKx platforms with you.

CooKx team sees this as just the beginning of empowering people and connecting people with new possibilities.

Our vision is to help people nourishing each other with nonindustrial food, fresh ingredients, and home cooking food on the table by providing a platform helping to connect between hungry people and talented CooKx.

It is so important to eat well and right even when you have no time to cook, and we can all agree; there is no substitute for homemade food.

You can eat at a restaurant once or twice a week, but you can eat homemade food every day.


You can make sure you and your family are enjoying home-cooked meals.

CooKx platforms (IOS, ANDROID, AND WEB) help hungry people to contact to nourish themselves and loved ones with the best high-quality food in their area. We do so by empowering local home cooks, private chefs, commercial kitchen and catering companies as a small and medium business to fulfill their love and passion for cooking with no need to open e-commerce platform or a restaurant, no need to make financial risks, takes loans, to remodeling a place, to hire employees and more and more. 

Open your CooKx store and work from home, NO BOSS, on your won schedule, and it's FREE.


How can you make sure your loved ones are eating well? 

It is so important to eat well even when you don't have time to cook.

You don't want to feed yourself or your loved ones with junk food.

There is no substitute for home-cooked meals. 

Now you can make sure you and your loved ones are enjoying healthy and nutritious food from local CooKx.

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Home Cooks & Home Bakers 

CooKx helps you to fulfill your dreams, love, and passion for cooking. 

You don't need to open a restaurant, taking financial risks, loans, remodeling, employees, and more. 

CooKx provides you shortcuts. 

Now, you can cook from home, sell your goods, and make people happy. 

No Boss - Be your boss, and manage your schedule. 

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Home Restaurants

Have you always dreamt of having your restaurant? Under the Homemade Food Operations Act (AB-626), you can open your home restaurant, and make money, cooking out of your home kitchen. AB-626 is a permitting allowing people to cook at their home kitchens and to sell their goods to locals. This is an opportunity for people to follow their dreams, to fulfill their cooking and baking fashion without taking fanatical risks.

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Private Chef

CooKx helps you to spread the word and let all the locals know you are here! 

Sell your finest dishes to local hungry people at your own time, from your home kitchen. 

No operations, no waiters, just cooking. 

Do what you do the best, and we will take care of all the rest.

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Commercial Kitchens

Are you cooking in a commercial kitchen? 

Do you need a platform to help you manage your deliveries, inventory, orders, and invoices? 

What about marketing your business?

CooKx has all the answers to operate your business, And It's free.

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Catering Companies

CooKx platforms provide you an easy way to manage your menus, dishes, inventory, orders, deliveries, invoices, and schedule. 

And market your business. 
And It's free.

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You'll cook, and we'll do the rest. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this privacy statement or our privacy practices, please contact us at support@cookxapp.com or CooKs Technologies Inc., 101 S Santa Cruz Ave., PO Box#3, Los Gatos, CA 95031